Automated information retrieval system 

(AIRS) «Adminpractice»

 The main purpose of the administrative violations registration process is to ensure the formation of the historical information about the violations of traffic rules by drivers and obtain objective data to assess the status of the driving regulations execution by road users and the adoption of measures to prevent violations. The information source of traffic rules violation is the protocol of administrative violation. The protocol contains the basic information about the circumstances of the administrative violations, which are subject to registration, accumulation and further analysis. Since the decision of the court (administrative committee) on administrative violations may come to the traffic police with delay, information about court decisions and their implementation additionally should be checked when the vehicle owner contacts the traffic police to make technical inspection (Commercial Vehicle), obtain certificates, re-register or remove vehicle from the register. Information about administrative violation can be used by other processes to obtain historical information about the driver, taking into account road traffic incidents, administrative violations, as well as the issuance of driver registration certificates.

AIRS «Adminpractice» provides accounting and analysis of the traffic rules violations circumstances
(hereinafter - the administrative violations).

AIRS «Adminpractice» provides the following scenarios:

• Administrative violations registration;

• Administrative violations decisions of Court (administrative committee) adding;

• Administrative violation orders execution data adding;

• Administrative violation searching.