IT outsourcing (outer-source-using: using external power / resource) - partial or full IT- infrastructure work’s transfer on support, maintenance or modernization to the companies, specializing in organizations’ service and having specialists staff with different qualifications. For them, such work is a core activity.
IT outsourcing is considered by modern managers in the US and the European Union as a condition for the effective improvement of small and medium-sized businesses.
  Key factors contributing to the expansion of IT outsourcing:  
  • allows the company to reduce IT- structure costs;
  • allows the company to focus on its core business, increase efficiency and competitiveness, without spending valuable resources on solving specific problems of infrastructure;
  • complexity of IT processes and, as a consequence, the inability to have the necessary staff of skilled and expensive specialists.

Efficient operation of IT-infrastructure is one of the key conditions for a successful business. Failure of the equipment and its long-term downtime can lead to significant financial, image losses, disruption of communications, and reduce business manageability.
«AETA-Service» provides complex services in this area, providing uninterrupted and high-quality IT infrastructure support. We provide monitoring, diagnosis and settings for IT-infrastructure, including security systems, warranty and post-warranty repairs, preventive or scheduled repairs. 

  IT outsourcing service includes the following activities

  • Computer equipment servicing.
  • Performance and productivity monitoring.
  • System software upgrading.
  • Required software installation and configuration.
  • Warranty and post-warranty repairs.

  Servers’ maintenance

  • Regular checks of efficiency and productivity.
  • Software Updates.
  • Required software installation and configuration.
  • Warranty and post-warranty repairs.

  Networking and telecommunication equipment support

  • Connection and replacement of network equipment.
  • Setting up the network equipment at the customer request.
  • Conducting warranty and post-warranty repair.

  SCS service

  • Diagnosis, fault rectification.
  • Installation of new workplaces

  Application capacity and office software ensuring

  • Required applications and office software installing and configuring.
  • Applications and office software timely updating.
  • Users training and consulting.

  Server applications and databases

  • Application servers and databases operation.
  • Continuous monitoring of capacity and productivity.

  Information security

  • Network perimeter protection, intrusion monitoring, attacks prevention, centralized network security management.
  • Viruses protection for servers, PCs, e-mail and Internet gateways, centralized management of anti-virus security.
  • Backups the necessary information to ensure prompt recovery of data in case of failure.
  • Ensuring information security in accordance with the requirements of regulations and regulatory documents.

  Providing consultations

  • Customer consultation concerning IT-systems usage.
  • Participation in the customer's security policy formation.
  • Participation in the design and implementation of specialized business software.

  Branches support

  • Hardware and software standardization.
  • Combining local offices in network, providing access to geographically distributed resources.
  • Computer service in branches.

  What do you get by choosing computers’ subscription service in our company?

  • Software legalization and standardization.
  • Optimal IT infrastructure schemes selection and implementation.
  • Technological and business risks reducing.
  • Cost of software purchasing minimizing.. 

  Benefits of IT Outsourcing with "AETA-Service"

  •  We offer a wide variety of IT services and off-the-shelf IT solutions for business processes optimization.
  •  We provide fast technical support with exceptional quality.
  •  We improve efficiency through optimal organization of the enterprise IT architecture.
  •  We guarantee the safety and confidentiality of information.
  •  IT services transfer to outsourcing allows our customers to reduce operating costs of the IT infrastructure by 15-30%.
  •  Flexible pricing policy. There are any methods of payment. A system of discounts.

IT-outsourcing is a model that allows you to not only reduce costs, but also release resources to focus on core company activities, which leads to increasing the growth rate and improving its market position.