Corporate data network, which until recently was available only to large companies and offices, is now becoming an integral part of any enterprise. It is difficult to imagine efficient operation of a modern office without the use of network technologies. Creating a local area network is one of the main stages of preparation of any office, industrial, enterprise, organization or institution.

The benefits of computer networks:

  • Computer networks allow you to combine dispersed workplaces into a single space, which allows you freely share information and speeds up communication processes. Thus, network technologies increase the efficiency of the entire enterprise and the personal performance of each employee.
  • Creation of a local network allows all participants to use the general information published at the server. It can be an archive of documents, various regulations and customer data - anything. Information is available to each employee at any time, and at the same time, it is protected.
  • Corporate data network can greatly simplify clerical work. Any document can always be found in a shared database and viewed on any computer.
  • Creating a network - it is an opportunity to spend money effectively. You cut costs at the periphery - scanners, printers, and so on. All these devices can be used together, if they are switched on. With a shared server, you can control employee access to the Internet and to keep records of working hours.

Corporate data network can significantly improve the efficiency of your company. The cost of designing the corporate network and the implementation of the project payback a hundred times during its operation. No matter what kind of company in question - for a small office or a huge business center - in any case, network technologies will make work more efficient and faster.
"AETA-Service" highly qualified technical specialists perform a complex works of designing, modernization, development and maintenance of local computer networks, data networks and images, installation of structured cabling systems (SCS) and wireless solutions based on Wi-Fi equipment.

The complex of designing and implementing network solutions works can include the following services:

Development of technical specifications. 

At this stage, the specialist arrives to the customer site for the analysis of the computer network, carries out inspection of local networks and network equipment. Taking into account all the wishes of the customer, are discussed options such as: passive and active network equipment and the possibility of its replacement or upgrading, pre-determined location of cable channels. Usually, the client is given several options for LAN scheme, from which it selects the optimum, making amendments if it is necessary.
Please be aware that today's corporate network is not static. Network technologies are evolving with high speed, there is a new equipment, increasing networking opportunities. Also, your business: it develops, new staff and new positions adds. That is why at the stage of building a network scheme is necessary to lay the opportunities for modernization and change. This will allow you always have a network that capable to solve all the relevant problems.


Together with the client, we specify the final details of the project, take into account the missed wishes, finalize the list of equipment. Based on the terms of requirements, prepare a feasibility proposal and a list of various passive and active network equipment, its cost. Agreeing terms of services. Constitute the agreement and defined payment procedure.

Delivery of equipment  

Replacing obsolete equipment, complex supply of equipment under the project.

Installation work 

Performing complex installation and commissioning works on the customer's site (installation of cable channels, cable laying, installation of sockets, installation of switchgear cabinets, etc.).

Commissioning works 

A connection and commissioning of active network equipment (routers, switches, servers, uninterruptible power supplies, filters, traffic optimization systems, etc.).  

Testing and launching

Completed works have multi-level testing to identify and resolve problems. Testing is carried out both, by using test equipment and computer equipment, for the detection of possible errors in the wiring cable systems.


It is quite difficult to give a definite answer to this question. The cost of creating a LAN is calculated individually depending on a number of factors.
1. The type of computer network.  
It is determined, on the one hand, with the scale of your company, number of employees and workplaces, as well as the peculiarities of your business. On the other hand, the network type is determined by the network requirements.

  There are several types of computer networks

  • For small offices, in the case where it is necessary to unite only a few computers and access to the Internet is not a decisive factor, uses the simplest architecture. Computers at the workplace of employees and network peripherals connect to a common hub. Usually, this kind of architecture uses for cable networks; however, by using additional devices (routers), such networks can be organized over a wireless Wi-Fi technology.
  • A network with its own server to store the files has architecture that is more complex. On this server, any documents, the company archives and other files can be placed. At the same time, on each workstation employees will have access to it.
  • If you need permanent access to the Internet, the creation of a local network can provide a high degree of protection of the internal data. For this, you must use an additional Internet server. Often in front of it sets Firewall - server, blocking unwanted connections and eliminates the possibility of theft your data via the Internet.
  • The most complex architecture is characterized by a network with a large number of workplaces. SQL-server is used here to optimize the load on the equipment; it keeps a database about all users and distributes the load on the system. In addition, large offices require high bandwidth communication channels and repeaters - devices that enhance the signal over long distances.

2. Installation complexity

The second important factor in determining the cost of the network is the installation work. Installation of SCS (structured network) envisages the laying of cables, installation of a large amount of equipment and the connection of each workplace. The communication line is usually held in special boxes, enclosed and under raised floors or above the ceiling.
Moreover, network topology depends on the characteristics of the building. The ideal time for installation is the period immediately after the end of construction or reconstruction of buildings. In this case, work on installing the network will not affect the normal activities of your company. However, the high professional specialists will be able to hold a local network with a minimum of inconvenience, at any time convenient for you.

3. Network equipment  

The third factor affecting the price of a local network, a variety of equipment. It is important to find balance point. On the one hand, it is not worth saving on buying equipment that may initially not cope with your tasks. On the other hand, do not buy equipment much more powerful than what you need: in this case, you just pay for what you do not use.
Equipment for the corporate network is divided into two types.

  • Passive equipment - this is cables and other communication lines. You can use the classic cable type "twisted pair" or use more modern fiber-optic communication lines. The cable transmits optical signals in the infrared range, which can significantly increase the channel capacity in comparison with conventional solutions. Equally important is whether you will be using wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi or Wi-Max. Wireless LANs can improve network usability and reduce passive equipment costs. However, it requires the use of additional active equipment.
  • Active equipment - all those devices that ensure the functioning of the network. This hubs, routers, gateways hardware for Internet access, servers, and so on. It is particularly important that this equipment is fully compatible and optimized in line with the tasks that you entrust to your network. That is why the choice of the active equipment is best to trust the professionals.
Corporate Network today - is a necessary condition for the effective work of the office..

Experts of "AETA-Service" will help you create high-performance network.