(AIRS) «Driver»

 The main purpose of process is examination results and issuing (exchange) driving licenses registration, storage of documents related to the examination papers. Theoretical and practical examinations for all categories of vehicles are taken under control by examination committees of

Interdistrict Registration-Examinational Office of state traffic inspectorate. Examinations on the drive license are admitted for the persons who have educated training (retraining) institutions, as well as externally. The results of exams are recorded in the driver’s examination card. For persons who have passed the theoretical and practical exams are issued driver's license of appropriate category. Re-exams are allowed for those who do not pass the theoretical and practical examination in the order established by law. Driver's licenses blanks and temporary stamps are stored as documents of strict accountability. 

Software application includes tasks that operate with a single database on a file server.


  Includes the following functions:

• Candidate adding into database on the basis of the submitted documents, including the advance checking of licenses depriving, with delivering the list of driving licenses that were obtained in the past.

• Examination sheet, statement (if necessary) printing.

• Test results reporting.

• Access control providing for the exam on traffic rules.

• Required documents (driver's license, pass warnings) printing.

• Driver licensing registries printing.

• Interdistrict Registration-Examinational Office’s driving licenses issuing reports printing, for any period.

• Driver's licenses searching by any parameter.

• Data export from the driving schools.


  Provides the following functions:

• Performs complete control of the examination class.

• Automatic fixing exam results in the database.

• Monitoring status of the class.

• Reports viewing with the results of the driving regulations rules exams for the selected period.


   Performs the following functions:

• Monitoring the work of specialists (passport officers and inspectors).

• Viewing protocol of exams for any period.

• Supervising of the examination classes’ work in real time.

• Administrative work maintenance.


  Provides the exams on traffic rules:

• Regular examination.

• Training exam.

• Educational exam.

• Administrative work maintenance.


  Performs the following functions:

• Upon request of the competent authorities, provides information on all drivers’ licenses.

• Control of deprivation or loss of driver's licenses. 

«AETA-Service» developed the software for driving schools  «AUTOCLASS»

Software «AUTOCLASS» implements training of the traffic rules in such modes as:

• Regular examination.

• Training exam.

• Educational exam.