(AIRS) "Vehicle"

 The main purpose of vehicles and their owners’ registration process is to implement the state registration and recording of vehicles and issuance of registration documents and license plates. State vehicle registration carried out by the traffic police Ministry of Internal Affairs to monitor the compliance of the design and the technical condition of vehicles, established in Ukraine, the requirements of standards, rules and regulations, compliance with legislation, which determines the order of taxes payment, making other obligatory payments, as well as to ensure their accounting and prevention of illegal actions against them.

The process of registration, re-registration and vehicle removal from the register includes:

• Carrying out expert examination of the vehicle and documents that confirm the validity of purchase;

• Checking the vehicle in wanted, on the control or under arrest vehicle databases;

• Checking the mandatory payments making;

• Checking the customing data of vehicle;

• Registration of the vehicle or the refusal to register.

A vehicle identifier is VIN-code, which is unique and does not change over the lifetime of the vehicle. Also mandatory attributes of the vehicle are the license plate, model, brand and so on. Vehicle license plate may change over the lifetime of the vehicle, besides the license plate can be used on various vehicles (not simultaneously). At the request of the owner in the established order, the vehicle may be granted with an individual license plate. Individual plates are unique within the region of Ukraine. The identifier of the vehicle’s owner is the identification number (ID) of the citizen. Also mandatory attributes are name, date of birth and passport details. The process of vehicle registration also includes data accounting of technical inspection timeliness passing by vehicle. Vehicles and their owners’ information are used in the processes that are associated with the registration of accidents and traffic rules violations. Blanks of vehicle registration certificates, temporary registration cards, as well as technical inspection passing state coupons are the documents with strict accountability.


  Provides the following scenarios:

• Vehicle registration.

• Vehicle re-registration

• Vehicle removal from the register.

To perform these scenarios, the following functions were designed:

• Vehicle information searching (registration).

• An electronic vehicle registration cards creation and viewing.

• Vehicle owner application creation.

• Verification of documents that were submitted for vehicle registration.

• Vehicle card and checking results printing.

• Refusal of vehicle registration entering.

• Vehicle registration.

• Vehicle re-equipment data adding.

• Vehicle re-registration.

• Vehicle removal from the register.

• Vehicle checking on wanted, on the control or under arrest data bases.