"Organization of the Citizens Service" 




 Complex «Organization of the Citizens Service» is intended for:

• Expansion of services to the Ukraine citizens in obtaining a citizenship passport for traveling abroad.

• Simplify the process of passport registration.

• Automation of citizens queuing to apply for an international passport.

• Providing pre-registration to receive information via a website and / or by phone.

• Formation and management of electronic queue on the documents issuing.

• Speed up the process of citizens’ personal data entering.

• Eliminating of entering personal data duplication process.

• Preparation of data for services bills payment through an automated self-service payments system.

• Data exchange with adjacent systems.

 The system architecture is based on a three-tier client - server architecture: 
 Application Server client - application server - database server.

 The architecture provides centralized data storage and processing 
 diversity of storage functions (master server, WEB server).