Banking and price statistic components of the information and analytical system

Of the Ministry of Economy

Research work (R&D)  «Research, development and implementation of the banking and price statistics components in the information-analytical system, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine»  (state registration number № 0108U007788) was performed to improve and automate procedures associated with the accumulation and analytical processing of  information, modernization of its single central repository, providing users with a public system easy-to-use tool to display, analytical processing and unloading of information, as well as the results of its processing. 


The system consists of such subsystem as: input, storage, accumulation - a database and reporting.

For inputting you need to install the additional software. 
The database is created using database Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Reporting system is a product designed for the sampling and reporting by the certain parameters and storing reports locally on the user's computer in the Microsoft Excel format. The system is a user web part. To work with the system user may use any web browser on the computer. Log in via the internal website of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.