...If you decide to create a site, then you need it for some reason.    


Today web development is the one of the most important parts of a companies’ marketing promotion. Creating and maintaining high-quality site is even more important than office existence, because your potential customer or partner first will go to the Internet to make inquiries. His opinion of you will depend on how quickly and completely information he will find.



Types of websites: online business card, website catalog, corporate website, online shop, information portal. 

  • Online Business Card is a 3-5 page website, which includes general information about the company, contact information, a brief description of goods and services.
  • Business website is a powerful tool for the presentation of your company, promoting its products and services, providing detailed information about these products and services.
  • Corporate website is a platform for the daily operation of your company, covering a significant amount of data, which provides a constant exchange of information with customers and within the company.
  • Portal is a site with lots of information, heavy data flows and complex structure, which provides visitors’ registration for information exchange.

Websites created by us are individually designed, convenient, have stable performance and thoughtful interface.
We provide information support for sites - update text information, pictures, audio and video materials. If necessary, we will redesign site, make a stylistic or interface changes.

It should be remembered that site is the face of your company,
It is better to trust your website’s development to the professionals! 

 Website creation begins from the concept development - setting goals and objectives that should provide this online resource. This is the most important stage of work, largely determined the individuality of site: its design, content, functionality.

 For successful project, you must define at least:

  • What tasks are assigned to the site? 
  • Who are the visitors? 
  • What information you want to bring them? 
  • What kind of functionality you want to put in your website? 
  • Who and how will support the operation of the website, update information, and whether the expansion of the site is planned?

Once the concept of your site is ready, we can start to create technical requirements (TR).
TR includes:

  • a complete list of tasks that will resolve your site; 
  • description of the structure, content and design; 
  • terms of site creating; 
  • work cost.

Payment takes place in three stages: 

  • 30% after TR preparation, 
  • 50% after works execution,
  • 20% after website uploading on hosting.


We have the system of discounts!